WordCamp Schedule

Saturday, April 26th

Time Schulze Auditorium Thornton Auditorium Opus Hall Room 201 Opus Hall Room 202
8am Registration
8:30am Opening Remarks – Room 1
9am Avoid Breaking All the Things: How to Develop Safely – Alison Barrett Let’s Get SASSy! – Suzette Franck Presenting Accessible Video in WordPress – Joe Dolson How (and why) to Create a Child Theme – Beth Backen
10am Designing for Interaction – Travis Totz Passwords: The Weakest Link in WordPress Security – Brennen Byrne 1 Million Downloads – Lessons Learned Growing a Plugin – John Havlik Making Your Website Business Friendly – Helena Denley
11am You Don’t Need jQuery – Josh Broton Plugin Monetization Options – Nick Ciske Don’t let your site jump the shark – Josh Leuze We Can’t Read Your Mind: How to find help for your WordPress problems – Carolyn Sonnek
12pm Lunch
1pm WPRBACOMGBBQ – John James Jacoby Client First Development – Dan Beil So, you want to build a theme? – John Heimkes & Thomas McMahon Site Analytics in WordPress: Building for Success – Julie Kosbab
2pm So Long Fixed Templates and Thanks for all the Fish: Modular Content with WordPress – Reid Peifer Creating Color Palette Options within a Theme using Sass – Matthew Meyer WordPress Security – It’s all About the Basics – Tony Perez Creating and Promoting Compelling Content Through Blogging – Scott Offord
3pm Design Is In The Details: How Decisions Shape Communication – Michelle Schulp Picture this: WordPress images for responsive and high-density designs – Alec Rippberger Back To Square One: Building A WordPress Starter Development Kit – Kyle Unzicker Crypto 101: Demystifying the Cryptography Behind WordPress – Jesse Pollak
4pm WP-to-JS and back again – Nick Pelton IA Essentials: How to prioritize, design, and present your clients content – James Barrett Structuring Content in WordPress – Jamie Schmid All the Software that isn’t WordPress – Julie Kuehl
4:45pm Closing Remarks – Room 1
6pm After Party
Key General Development 1 Development 2 Design

Business Summit Schedule

Sunday, April 27th

Time Schulze Auditorium
10am Brunch
Lightning Talks – Toby Cryns, John Hawkins, Joshua Vandercar, Nikhil Vimal
11:30am Registration
11:45am Opening Remarks
12pm Commercial WordPress Products – Panel: Tony Perez, Reid Peifer, Marc Benzakein, Carl Hancock, Ben Fox, Kiko Doran
1pm How to Build a Sustainable Business Using the Freemium Model – Patrick Rauland
2pm Stop Giving S** Away for Free and Start Feeding Your Family! – Heather Acton
3pm Where’s my Maserati? – Dave West
4pm Remote Project Management – Lindsey Guajardo
4:45pm Closing Remarks