Thank you for checking out the volunteer page. We greatly appreciate your interest, but I’m sorry to break you the news, we have hit our limit of volunteers for this year. The volunteer form is now closed.

Are you looking for a great opportunity to get involved with the WordPress community? We have the perfect occasion for you to participate! We are putting out the call for volunteers for WordCamp Minneapolis 2014. We are in search of WordPress enthusiasts eager to lend a hand!

In order to make 2014 another great success we need reliable volunteers that are courteous, friendly, hard working, dependable, and ready to have fun! Those should all be pretty easy for everyone in the WordPress Community! We have a variety of volunteer positions for you to choose from. Volunteer positions are available for both Saturday and Sunday. Full days are preferred but some half day volunteers will work also. Volunteers do not need to buy a ticket for WordCamp, but please be aware you are likely to miss some of the sessions. Please read through the descriptions and volunteer for the position, or positions, that fit you best. The form to volunteer is at the bottom of this page.

Registration Desk

Our Registration Desk will be manned all day and serve as home base. The big push at this station will be early morning registration with a goal of smooth check-ins and keeping lines and waiting times short.

Session Room Emcees / timers

Do you love talking or want experience talking to groups of people? For this position we want people who want the microphone in their hand. Our emcees will introduce speakers, keep speakers aware of the time, and help attendees with general event questions.

Room Runner

Questions always come up, or maybe something is needed and someone needs to run and get it. This person will be the one who can deliver!

Video Gurus

We need a pair of video gurus for each of our three session rooms. This position is a full day position so we can keep the video quality high and consistent from one session to the next throughout the day. Having a pair of video gurus in each room will provide built-in backup when one needs a quick break. The video equipment is provided.

Happiness Bar

We need a good supply of WordPress gurus to help people out with their questions about WordPress. For this position we are looking for people with WordPress experience. People will have questions both technical in nature and user based.


A photography maestro will capture all the people, sights, and happenings of WordCamp Minneapolis 2014. We need a volunteer willing to use their own camera and contribute the photos to the WordCamp Minneapolis community to use. (filled)

Hallway Helpers

Are you happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic? Our session rooms are spread out a bit with some tricky hallways in between. Because of this we want a team of volunteers that we can strategically position to help attendees find the session rooms. These volunteers will also help direct traffic and form the lines for lunch.

All Purpose

Our all-purpose all-stars will be filling in where they are needed most. We need people to willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done!

Set Up

Are you a morning person? A few volunteers need to be here early to help set up signs, the registration desk and rooms.

Clean Up

We need a handful of our volunteers to stay a bit late to help clean up and pack stuff up.

Please mark your calendars now so we are sure to see you at WordCamp Minneapolis 2014. Thanks for volunteering and we’ll be in contact with you soon!

Chris Dohman
Volunteer Wrangler