Kiko Doran

I started working with WordPress by mistake back in 2009. I have been doing business consulting since 2007 and pretty much use WordPress on all of my projects. I find a business need and then build a WordPress solution for that need.

This is my second year organizing WordCampMpls. Looking forward to having another awesome event. Putting on a WordCamp is a labor of love and I have built some strong friendships in the process.

Josh Leuze

Josh Leuze is a WordPress developer from Minnesota who loves making themes. He is the author of the popular Meteor Slides plugin.

When not building themes and plugins in his basement, Josh can be found doodling with his kids at the kitchen table, digging in the garden, or pedaling his bike around town.

Justin Foell

I didn’t get involved with the WordPress “scene” until version 3.0. My first foray into the WordPress world was from diving in head-first by attending WordCampMSP 2010. Soon after I was contracting with some old work friends at to do some WordPress projects. After growing to know and love the WordPress framework, I decided to join forces with 9seeds and make a career out of WordPress development.

Travis Totz

Travis started his love affair with WordPress at version 1.5, since then it has driven him to build and create countless WordPress projects. Travis was born and raised in Minnesota. After being amazed by Photoshop and it’s limitless possibilities, he decided that a career in design was his goal. After graduating college with a degree in Graphic Design, Travis enjoyed working at various design agencies and traveling the world with his wife, Jenna. In one of his travels, he crossed paths with David Morgan and Jeff Milone of Organic Themes. After doing some digging into WordPress, Travis and WerkPress co-founder Nick, identified a need in the WordPress industry: an agency dedicated to customizing themes. That was the beginning of WerkPress. The rest is history. Travis’ passions outside of WordPress are reading non-fiction, making music, traveling, and living a vegetarian/healthy lifestyle.

Chris Dohman

i first used wordpress in 2008 and shortly thereafter i began to realize how versatile it could be. i’ve been hacking on, or using wordpress one way or another ever since. the community around wordpress amazes me and i’m honored to be part of it. this year i opened up my own independent, little shop called werpo, where i create wordpress solutions for businesses and non-profits.

my wife karen and i have two kids and we live in shoreview. i’ve got a thing for writing in lower case, even when spelling wordpress. you might have me pegged if you say i have an incurable dependency to classic rock and the likes of zeppelin, black sabbath, and dylan, but i’m making an effort to discover new music. i’m a bit proud that my kids are now the ones telling me to turn that noise down. i’m ev curious and see an electric vehicle in my future. green tea is my thing, no coffee. twins fan, win or lose and lose and lose…. some day i’m going to play more golf!

Marcus Genzlinger

Marcus previously spent 11 years at financial services company holding
a variety of roles from customer service, business analysis, project
management, product management and user experience. Before leaving he
managed a enterprise content management system with team of 10 people
12,000 documents while adhering to legal, compliance and branding
requirements. In 2007 he created start-up that leveraged the content
management capabilities of the Joomla platform. He has since seen the
light and has made the switch to WordPress. He now consults growing
businesses achieve extraordinary results using content, analytics,
lead gen and social.